i was thinking about nna and now i desperately want to know what those sea kids and land kids are up to. i want an ova or a movie…

omgggg i just learned about the plans to remake “alice, sweet alice” and holy shit. that would be awesome. i would like to see that movie remade. It was so creepy.

lol the mspa site is down and i was so skeptical but hyped thinking maybe its the final upd8 and i had my life flash before my eyes and now its confirmed to just be server problems

[the price is right losing horn]

there really is no episode of znt today :(

how disappointing

i used to play carmen sandiego’s thinkquick challenge as a kid and it was really fun but ive always wondered what happened once you beat the game. did you get a scene with carmen? did she ask you a question? maybe you almost catch her? but apparently nothing happens. i guess there was no ending

honestly im just waiting for nyaa to have a dr2 english download so i can play it on ppsspp

finally! finally!! finally!!!

finally! finally!! finally!!!

i still really appreciate a character like odin because he has the same speech impediment as me and his whole existance isnt to fulfill some joke

i changed my url. i actually just wanted to see if it was available but tumblr was being weird 

whatever i guess

impactbomb -> mastersjinoras

lol it might be cliche but i love scenes where the main character is like getting motivated by their loved ones, people who have died, or just people important to them (could be good or bad) and they’re having a flashback or something and all this amazing dialogue comes in and I LOVE IT, it makes me cry too sometimes