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lol it might be cliche but i love scenes where the main character is like getting motivated by their loved ones, people who have died, or just people important to them (could be good or bad) and they’re having a flashback or something and all this amazing dialogue comes in and I LOVE IT, it makes me cry too sometimes

book 3 is starting off so great

a thing im also happy for: the main conflict isnt about waterbending brothers

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i saw httyd 2!!! it was really good!

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im gonna enter the FR familiar coloring contest. idk which one to do. the snake or the cat?

i think this will be fun and good practice :D

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ive watched 21 and a half eps of mmpr and i feel dead inside. i dont know if i want to continue. how much more could i take.

i want more stuff about girls playing sports

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well the tumblr app fixed itself. thank you vee​ for responding to my text post lol. yeah it’s all resolved.

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does anyone remember that pb&j otter show? they would do the noodle dance to solve everyday problems and it was always that one brother who had a good idea but every single episode he would refuse to do the noodle dance

and when they made him do it he would stand around at first and then slowly get into it. it made me so mad. just do the fucking noodle dance jesus christ

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there are tornado warnings for different counties and cities and the tips say the safest place to be in during a tornado is a basement but like in texas there are hardly any basements. so exactly where do you want people to hide

things i will never get over: gene khan
things i wish for: team iron man and gene khan to be actual friends again (and a season 3 but that wont happen)