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because i have fallen

deep into the ocean

hey that was like 10000x better. i liked that director’s cut a lot. like wow so much extra material we got.

ohhhh yeah okay. apparently the director’s cut of gatchaman crowds ep 12 was subbed a few days ago. im really excited to watch it since maybe the ending makes more sense now.

i can’t help but wonder if some of those “permission to post this was granted by the artist” are straight up lies

like maybe some people really did ask permission but maybe some people just tack it on here to avoid nasty messages

i want to talk to people about nna but idk anyone who has actually finished it. i’m just gonna dump out my thoughts here

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heeeeeeeeey person who sent me an ask (i forgot your url and i didn’t copy it ahhh) lemme know if you didn’t get my message since i sent some links and sometimes tumblr eats asks

i need to go to school today in a seven hours to work on a project at the lab :C it’s gonna suck because

i spent so long trying to be a chikorita (or eevee, skitty) in mystery dungeon red but i ended up being a bulbasaur. oh well. my partner is torchic and we are Team Eagle Zer0! (i got the name from a jaeger name generator lol but it works since torchic) hells yeah

whatever it was worth it, good night <3

i picked snivy in both bw and bw2. what was i thinking. i should have gone with oshawott in bw2. and i don’t want to restart since i got some cool pokemon in a trade. oh well. i still need to finish bw. i’ll work around it when i get there

free pizzas and free soda are being given out??? (for a bible study promotion thing) but free food who am i to deny myself this joy

this day started out awful but now its getting rly good :^)

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