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This image has surfaced the internet directly from Comic Con 2014 thanks to avatar-mom. It appears to be a younger Suyin & Zaheer in the circus.

In Book 3 episode 3 The Metal Clan, Suyin mentioned that she joined the Circus. Here is a quote taken from the episode:

When I was sixteen, I left home to explore the world. I sailed the seas on a pirate ship, joined a traveling circus for a while, and lived in a sandbender commune in a desert.

Coincidentally, screenshots show that Avatar will be travelling to the Misty Palms Oasis (which is in the desert) and other desert locations in a future episode(s). Zaheer and Suyin in the Circus together, Suyin stating that she used to live in the desert & Team Avatar travelling to the desert as a relevant part to the plot. Could this all be somewhat linked?

This part isn’t really relevant to the rest of the post, but: It should be noted that the official Book 3 trailer hints at their desert trip being a defeat for Korra as you can see in these two screenshots [ X & X ] that Korra & Asami are escaping the desert and Korra is collapsed into Asami’s arms.


I-I’m not crying.

Y-you’re the one who’s cr-crying…


One good thing about Kusaka is that he loves giving the shippers teases before he tears their hearts out.

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          " Put away your pervert goggles
            and l-let’s go!

To love and kiss, to sweetly hold,
For the dancing and the dreaming.
Through all my sorrows and all nights,
I’ll keep your love inside me.

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"Hurry. I’m waiting.”

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3.04 “In Harm’s Way” will premiere on Friday, July 11th at 8pm EST (x)

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